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Early Biomarkers of Neurodegenerative and Neurovascular Disorders in Diabetes.

  • Gasecka A
  • Siwik D
  • Gajewska M
  • Jaguszewski MJ
  • Mazurek T
  • Filipiak KJ
  • Postuła M
  • Eyileten C
Validation of differentially expressed brain-enriched microRNAs in the plasma of PD patients.

  • Ravanidis S
  • Bougea A
  • Papagiannakis N
  • Koros C
  • Simitsi AM
  • Pachi I
  • Breza M
  • Stefanis L
  • Doxakis E
Trans-synaptic and retrograde axonal spread of Lewy pathology following pre-formed fibril injection in an in vivo A53T alpha-synuclein mouse model of synucleinopathy.

  • Schaser AJ
  • Stackhouse TL
  • Weston LJ
  • Kerstein PC
  • Osterberg VR
  • López CS
  • Dickson DW
  • Luk KC
  • Meshul CK
  • Woltjer RL
  • Unni VK
Automated brainstem volumetry can aid in the diagnostics of parkinsonian disorders.

  • Sjöström H
  • Granberg T
  • Hashim F
  • Westman E
  • Svenningsson P
GBA Variants in Parkinson's Disease: Clinical, Metabolomic, and Multimodal Neuroimaging Phenotypes.

  • Greuel A
  • Trezzi JP
  • Glaab E
  • Ruppert MC
  • Maier F
  • Jäger C
  • Hodak Z
  • Lohmann K
  • Ma Y
  • Eidelberg D
  • Timmermann L
  • Hiller K
  • Tittgemeyer M
  • Drzezga A
  • Diederich N
  • Eggers C
Transmembrane Protein 230 Mediates a Poly(ADP-ribose) Polymerase-1-Linked Apoptosis.

  • Wang X
  • Wu T
  • Zhang J
  • Guo G
  • He X
  • Pei Z
  • Liu Z
  • Liu CF
  • Ross CA
  • Smith WW
Gut metagenomics-derived genes as potential biomarkers of Parkinson's disease.

  • Qian Y
  • Yang X
  • Xu S
  • Huang P
  • Li B
  • Du J
  • He Y
  • Su B
  • Xu LM
  • Wang L
  • Huang R
  • Chen S
  • Xiao Q
Microglia Implicated in Tauopathy in the Striatum of Neurodegenerative Disease Patients from Genotype to Phenotype.

  • Li H
  • Knight WC
  • Yang P
  • Guo Y
  • Perlmutter JS
  • Morris JC
  • Bateman RJ
  • Benzinger TLS
  • Xu J
The Role of EEG in the Diagnosis, Prognosis and Clinical Correlations of Dementia with Lewy Bodies-A Systematic Review.

  • Law ZK
  • Todd C
  • Mehraram R
  • Schumacher J
  • Baker MR
  • LeBeau FEN
  • Yarnall A
  • Onofrj M
  • Bonanni L
  • Thomas A
  • Taylor JP
MicroRNAs Dysregulation and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Neurodegenerative Diseases.

  • Catanesi M
  • d'Angelo M
  • Tupone MG
  • Benedetti E
  • Giordano A
  • Castelli V
  • Cimini A
The Non-Fibrillating N-Terminal of α-Synuclein Binds and Co-Fibrillates with Heparin.

  • Skaanning LK
  • Santoro A
  • Skamris T
  • Martinsen JH
  • D'Ursi AM
  • Bucciarelli S
  • Vestergaard B
  • Bugge K
  • Langkilde AE
  • Kragelund BB

Press releases, workshop summaries, and editorials

NINDS Parkinson's Disease Biomarkers Program Consortium Meeting, Bethesda MD (August 12-13, 2019)

The PDBP Annual Consortium Meeting was held August 12-13, 2019 in Rockville, MD.  Principal investigators (PIs), clinical and data management experts from each PDBP project, and representatives from the  NIH, PD nonprofit organizations , and the pharmaceutical industry met to discuss progress over the last twelve months in addition to current and future plans for the program.

Accelerating Medicines Partnership launches data knowledge portal for Parkinson’s disease

Shared platform to catalyze research collaboration toward biomarker discovery to advance the development disease therapies


The Accelerating Medicines Partnership (AMP) program for Parkinson’s disease (PD) has launched a data portal to provide de-identified information collected from 4,298 PD patients and healthy controls to researchers working to develop effective therapies for the disease. The portal enables researchers to study complex data sets and perform genome-wide analyses at a scale previously impossible.